Fresh Christmas Wreaths

We offer the highest quality handmade wreaths in the area. Our wreaths are made as the orders come in so they are as fresh as possible and much fuller too! See for yourself.

These are our most popular style of wreaths. Custom designed wreaths are available at your request as there's an infinite number of combinations that can be made such as bow color, artificial, silk flowers, different foliages, decorations, etc. Just give us a call. Sizes available: 20", 24", 30", 36", 48". We do offer cemetery wreaths that include a custom made heavy gauge fork that sticks into the ground to support the wreath.

Style A Style B Style C
Plain w/ red bow.


Red bow & frosted pine cones.


Mixed greens w/ red bow.


Style D Style E Style F
Red bow & decorative picks. Silver bow & decorative picks. Winterberry & Pine Cones.





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